Poker Cheat 101: Smart Ways to Cheat at Poker

Poker Games

Poker is the most famous casino games in the world, whether played online or land-based casinos. The gambling industry is packed with stories about players who acquired success with pure skills and luck, but there are also side stories at the back of every success.

A story shocked players about someone who cheats their success while playing poker, and that is the new trend today in the world of poker – cheating.

As technology continues to evolve, the cheating method also adapts to these changes; there are lots of poker cheating device available on the market these days. Cheating while playing poker is becoming more and more famous in every player around the globe through casinos are well-informed and equipped for detecting these kinds of methods and devices.

As the year passes by, casinos also developed and invented a new way of detecting cheaters and fraud while playing poker. Despite the consequences, there are still players who try to cheat their way of success in the poker world.

Below is the most common cheating method that players utilize while playing poker.

Working Together with Friends 

This cheating technique is the most popular among players. Working together with friends is known even in ancient times, especially in the gambling industry. As the online gambling industry continues to rise, this kind of cheat also gains its popularity.

Players use this method to take down an opponent with the help of friends. Usually, the set-up is pretty common. A group of friends will enter a particular poker room, acting like they don’t each other, and one of those players doesn’t have any idea about the plan. They used this strategy to corner someone on the verge of losing.

As the game begins, this group of friends will send signals to each other to break someone’s wallet.

Poker Games

Marked Cards 

Aside from working together with friends, if you prefer cheating by yourself, then having marked cards on your deck is recommended. Marking cards is also a famous cheating method that every poker player utilizes to cheat while playing poker.

This kind of cheating method is commonly used in a land-based casino because marking cards is not possible in online since it’s just a visual card. There are many techniques and strategies to do to mark a card, and some of these are shading, tinting, blocking-out, and many more.

It involves changing the size and look of the cards, other players leaving a mark at the edge of every card. However, land-based casinos have strict punishment for those who caught using this kind of cheating method. So beware!

Stealing Chips 

Cheating in poker doesn’t mean that it always involves tricks or playing manipulation about the cards. Some players will often just take the chips from other player’s pots. The technique is simple: make use of your hands. The victim often neglects this method since they are busy looking at their cards. Usually, they don’t notice it, not unless there are drastic changes in the number of chips present on their spots.

Also, stealing chips are pretty common on different occasions; sometimes it also involves dealers and other players as well. When a player moves their chips on their spot, there’s a huge possibility that the chips will be stolen.