Online Gambling – A Growing Threat?

Online Gambling – A Growing Threat

In today’s world of developing technology, fast-paced life, and internet aliases, we find ourselves surrounded by the possibility to do what we like, where we like it. In other words, we now possess the capacity to utilize resources such as the internet and electricity to effectively achieve omnipresence. Perhaps that may be an exaggeration, but it certainly captures the essence of the internet age. However, even in this age of alleged enlightenment, we find ourselves beset by an age-old evil; that is, the evil of gambling. With the arrival and refinement of the internet, online gambling has risen up out of the darkness, and claimed scores of the more easily impressionable prey wandering out there.

How does it happen?

Now, in a simple world with no advanced technology, as we once were in, people resorted to gambling as a fun pass-time when faced with rough situations or lives. Although the times have changed and the standard of living has drastically improved, the percentages of people looking to exploit the self-destructive tendencies of man have only increased in number. In fact, we suffer from several thousand reports of online gambling scams, frauds, thieves, and the like every single day.

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We find ourselves faced with the question, how do we differentiate people who are being taken advantage of, from the people who go forth on their own volition? The answer is simple; we don’t. Faced with such a large number of online gambling games and forums, with thousands to millions of active users, it becomes a question of possessing the resources, the motivation, and the evidence to search and find for the single sincere victim in the proverbial haystack. This is partially the reason why a majority of cases associated with instances of being swindled on these platforms, or generally with gambling online, never get satisfactorily resolved.

What can be done for the victims?

In more instances than one, regular gambling has resulted in the deaths of involved individuals with extreme prejudice, but with new ways to influence the factors and ultimately the outcome, it becomes a playground for experience con artists to reinvent their repertoire of scams and skills.

So what’s the point?

Why bother talking about gambling at all, one can wonder, but without discussion and measures to spread awareness about the horrors and addiction of gambling, it will not just be difficult but indeed impossible to prevent its consequences. When every man, woman, and child is knowledgeable about the concerns of gambling and its online counterparts, then we stand a chance to fight our own demons and hold steady against the impulses that seek to control us all. So let’s strive forth towards a brighter, better, and exploitation free world one step at a time!