E General Guidelines on How To Play Domino QQ

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With diversity showing in every corner of the world and people being left, spoilt for choices, competitive games are no different. Lots of games have cropped up but one of the most popular choices in the entire world is Domino or QQ (it’s a more common name). However, most people are quite blissfully ignorant when it comes to the rules of Domino QQ which leads to this article – a sort of rulebook for Domino QQ. 

What are the components? 

The QQ card deck contains 28 pcs of cards whence at the beginning, players start out with 3 cards each. These cards are divided into two parts and points are indicated by red points. The points on each card can vary from a range of 0 to 6.

Domino QQ glossary 

The term “Pure Small Card” means that the player has 4 cards totalling a maximum of 9 points.

“Pure Big Card” indicates that the player has 4 cards which sum up to 40 points together.

When a player has 4 cards with the same points in each card, he is said to have “Balak card”. In this situation, if each card amounts to 6 points then you are said to have the “GOD 6 Card”.

“Check” means you are following the general betting amount.

“Call” refers to when you agree to the raised bets of other players.

“All In” means you are betting all the chips under your hand.

“Raise” means you are increasing the level that has been bet previously.

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General Rules 

In the first round, the players will be given three cards. If there is only one person who bets in the game, he gets to win the hand. In case there are more people who bet, the players move on to the second round.

In the second round, those who folded are dealt with a fourth card. With the fourth card, the final betting happens from all the players.

After that round, the person with the highest hand will win the game altogether.

When you calculate the cards, you pair the cards up. Add the small red dots in each card and take the end digit if it is a two digit number. The end number will be your final number.

These are some of the very general rules for a traditional game of Domino QQ. The rest is all up to how lucky you are or hand tricks that you could try but that is up for discussion someday else.