The Importance of Position in Poker

Position in Poker

Poker is a game in which players make decisions based on limited information. You never know for sure what other players have, but the more information you can collect, the better and more profitable your decisions will be.

Let’s look at the starting position before the flop in Hold’em. If you bet (call or raise), there are players who will act after you who can call, raise or even raise again. You take a big risk when you bet early. In addition, some hands (for example, flash or flash opportunities) are only worth it if there are a lot of actions. You are unlikely to make these hands, so you need a big reward if you do. Since he makes bets early, he has no information about how much he will play or what they will do. Therefore, in an early position you should stay only with the best hands.

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After the flop, if you are in the last position (dealer) with a good hand, you are sure that there will be no bets. Compare this to a player in an intermediate position who has no idea what other players will do after the game. Suppose you have a monster’s hand. Your advantage is to go last, even more. In an early position with this monster hand, you can try to check-raise. Of course, if this fails and no one makes a bet, you simply gave your opponents a “free” card and lost the opportunity to bet on the bank. In the middle position, it is still unclear how to play the hand. You can go and put or try sandbags. If someone puts in front of you, you can exclude all players if you rise. Being the last, you will always have the opportunity to bet, even if you do not have the opportunity to rise.

Being the last is even important if there are only two players in poker online indonesia. Again, suppose you have a monster’s hand and you act last. If your opponent bets, you can raise. If he does not bet, you can bet. If you needed to make a bet first, you can try to check-raise, and in case of failure you lose the value of the bet.

In summary

There are certain hands in which it is useful to be in an early position, for example, if you want to place a bet in order to drive the players out. Since early actions have only a limited number of advantages, the principle is that in most cases it is better to sit in a late position than in an early position.