The Game Of Keno: A Basic Guide

Online Casino Game

Keno, based from a well-known pastime in Ancient China, is an exciting online casino game. It is a lottery-type of game where players need to predict the resulting numbers of the draw. People love this game both in land-based and online casinos all over the world.

How to play Keno

Learning how to play this game can take only a few minutes. It is easier if you already have experience playing Bingo or other lottery-type games. In land-based casinos, you can buy Keno cards at special booths. There are several cards available and choosing which to get is vital.

A classic Keno card has the numbers 1 to 80. You have to predict the numbers that will come up in the next round. To do this, you mark up to 15 spots on the Keno card. A Random Number Generator draws 20 random numbers. Everyone will see these numbers on a Keno board. Check the results against your card and see if you have met the least of the requirements to get any payouts.

You have to find out for yourself if you have won anything. There is usually a time limit so you have to act fast to be eligible for making your claims.

Online Casino Game

Keno cards

You can have a more diverse gaming experience because there are various Keno cards. There are also different payout rates. Two of the most common options are the split ticket and the way ticket.

A split ticket lets you choose numbers on each side of a demarcated Keno card. The payout odds are lower but you get the chance of playing two games on one Keno ticket. Players love this convenience.

A way ticket is more affordable and lets you make several sets of predicted numbers.

Online Keno

The object of the game is the same for land-based and online Keno. The only difference is the way you play the game. For online Keno, you will see the ticket on the screen. You then make your wagering selections and the amount you want to bet. You pick the numbers by clicking on the numbers on the Keno card. If you want a random pick of numbers, you can choose QUICK PICK and the computer will choose numbers for you. Press the PLAY button once done and the drawn numbers will have highlights on the Keno card. The online casino, like  ิbk8, will pay out any winnings.