Sports Betting 101: Verifying your Sportsbook online


Before making your first withdrawal at your sportsbook, the normal verification process will require you to verify your identity to receive your sports betting winning. While a lot consider this process to be daunting and time-consuming, it does not have to be very tasking if you equip yourself with the right knowledge.

To learn more about your sportsbook account and why and how it gets through this verification process, read our short and comprehensive guide.

Why Do Sportsbooks Need to Verify Your Identity?

The answer to this boils down to two things: legal rules and a competitive marketplace. SPortsbook is licensed, regulated businesses, and as such, they need to comply with the regulations in your specific area where they are based out of. Sportsbook also aims to provide its clients with the best customer service possible to stand out in the market. Verifying the bettor’s information before payouts is a very crucial step on this path.

Below are two specific reasons why sportsbooks need to verify your identity before sending your winnings:

 It is in their best interest to maximize security for their global customers. They protect both themselves as well as the client from aiding and abetting anyone who’s committed identity theft.  This is necessary for developing favorable relationships with payment providers around the world.

Verification can also remove the risk of missing payments, which can take weeks to find, recall and then subsequently sent back to the bettor. Through verification, the sportsbook can ensure that missing payments are avoided.

What Happens If You Aren’t Verified?

No verification in your identity and address means you also won’t be able to receive your payouts. Sportsbook, without exception, must confirm your identity and address before you can even begin to request a withdrawal in your winnings. It might be best to take care of the verification process as soon as you create your sportsbook account. Nobody wants to wait for payouts any longer than they usually have to.


What Documents Do You Need To Verify Your Identity?

Typically, there are two primary forms of ID you will need to get your sportsbook account verified: these are proof of address and proof of identity. If your address documentation does not match the address listed on your identification, you will be required to present two documents that prove your address.

How Exactly Do you Verify your Identity at your Sportsbook?

To complete the process and be successfully verified, you must first scan your documents, save them in a .jpeg format and upload them to the “My Account” section of your sportsbook.

You can use a scanner to scan your photo regarding your needed documents. However, if you do not have any scanner, some sportsbooks will allow you to use your phone to take a decent photo. After that, you can start uploading your photo onto your computer and submit it in the same way. Attachments should be below but not more than 5MB, and preferably even smaller.

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