Is ESports Betting the Future of Online Betting?

If you’re an expert in online betting, but you’re not familiar with ESports, then you’re getting left behind in the online betting industry. It is now the right time to upgrade your knowledge about the updates in the betting world. Bookies and exchanges are well aware of the massive amount of money and viewers an ESports can bring.

There are online betting firms that are now buying their own ESports team together with some celebrity investors. These celebrities are Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Aoki, and Ashton Kutcher.

So, what’s the fuss is all about? Isn’t it just a computer game playing with a bunch of kids?

Well, exactly!

ESports are multiplayer computer/video games that are played only by professional gamers. These gamers are the same as the other professional athletes, sportsmen, and women. Most of all, they are paid highly; most of the ESports gamers are paid with a large amount of money. Besides, they also have personal fitness, psychology, health, and wellness coaches to support them mentally and physically as an individual to win an enormous amount of prize money.

They also have pieces of training, but it is not the same training as you can see from the athletes. Other ESports players spent about 3,000 hours of playing they are professional with.

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List of Top ESports Games 

To give you a quick idea about the net worth of ESports, this year, there was a massive tournament for the ESport game Dota 2. It was the biggest ESports tournament for Dota players. Best teams around the globe are playing in front of the sold-out stadiums to compete for a massive amount of cash.

The estimated total amount of prize pool is $30,000,000.00 Shocked? Yeah, you read it right! It was a 30-million dollar prize money.

Remember the times when you’re parents say that playing games won’t help you to pay bills? Say no more. You might want to bring in the conversation again with them.

Here is the following most famous and most paid ESports game in today’s era.

  • Dota2
  • LoL or known as League of Legends
  • PUBG or known as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

How to Place a Bet on ESports 

Betting on ESports is almost the same as playing other betting games like Pkv Games. The only difference is that bookmakers and other betting exchanges haven’t fully aware or absorb on ESports. Meaning, they either don’t place ESports at all or only make a special event for every huge tournament.

A little search on Google will give you the countless amount of stats for the bigger teams and well-paid players in ESports. You can easily find their recent winning rate, different maps they are most expert with, and their best performing top players.

Now, bookmakers are slowly adapting and improving their ESports sections. Other bookmakers already have done it than the others. But for the most part, the odds in ESports betting are more accurate and well-researched compared to different kinds of betting games.

So, if you feel that bookmakers are having a hard time giving pricing for ESports pre-match, be patient and see their in-play prices. Most importantly, you need to have a better understanding of the game you’re placing your bet with, though, there are crazy prices offered right now in different online betting platforms.