How to use the QQpokerPoker strategy

poker 99 domino

If you played poker at Full Tilt, you probably saw, heard or played at QQpokerPoker. It came out first only in No Limit Hold’em, but now you can find it in Omaha, as well as in other games in the form of a tournament and in the money ring. It’s fun and quite exciting because the action is very fast; You can get a new hand on a new table as soon as you leave. There are some simple strategic changes you can make to compensate for this.

poker 99 domino

Premium hands

First, most of the players you will play against will only play very premium hands. His eyes are simple: why play risky hands if the next hand is a fraction of a second? You can simply discard cards until you press A-A or A-K.

Knowing this, you can upload almost as you want in QQpokerPoker. If you face a resubir or some resistance, just bend your hand. When you climb from all positions, 70% -80% of the time you are simply trying to take the blinds. If someone says your lantern, you know he has a good hand, because it’s QQpokerPoker, so let him go. In addition, it has the advantage of playing each hand on the new table. Nobody knows that you just raised 10 hands in a row!

Limit your big hands

The next strategy that works well with Poker is to limit your big hands. Again, the trend of most players will wait for great hands and then rise. If you limp with your big hands, you probably have both blinds in your hand and can play slowly towards the big boat.

For example, if you limp with A-A and make Small Blind and Big Blind remain in your hand, one of them may fail. In flop 9-4-2, your opponent can get the same hand as K-9. He thinks he has the highest pair, and you master your aces. Also remember that with QQpokerPoker everything happens very fast, so you have less time to analyze what is happening. Such a game may not work at a normal table, where players have more time to think.

Another strategy that I like to use in QQpokeris ALWAYS increase if you are in a late position. Players are less likely to defend their blinds in a game where the next hand is only a second away. They think they can steal from the next guy.


In general, playing QQpokerpoker is fun, but you can’t treat it the same way you would with an unlimited Texas Hold’em. The strategy is very different and must be adjusted accordingly.