Guide for Beginner QQ Game Player

Playing Domino Games

There is a particular process of registration in QQ game online. There are many people today prefer to play this kind of game because of its good prizes. Thus, there are rules that a player needs to follow in order to play hassle free.

Steps to have an account in QQ Game

  1. Fill in the needed information. Create a username, and this will serve as the Login ID. Create your own password and choose to autosave for a quick sign up without any conflict in the site. There will be a password verification, the reason to repeat a password and also for the purpose of keeping the account safe.
  2. A player needs to fill up their full name, active contact number or mobile number for the verification code. Some of the sites give their player a verification code. Another is that a player has to give an email address.
  3. Then fill in the chosen bank name, for the first deposit. There are a lot of different banks a player can use to withdraw and deposits their funds. Fill in the right account name and password make sure to secure the account number.

How to deposit funds in QQ Game

Make sure a player have their account name and account number. Every player is required to log in first, then select or click the fund deposit button. Click the chosen game qq then enter. To ensure the security in depositing money just ask for assistance from the customer service of the site.

Playing Domino Games

How to withdraw money or funds

It is very easy to withdraw funds just like depositing funds, there are buttons available in the site and just click the corresponding button. First is that a player needs to log in and required to click the fund button on the site. Fill in the amount wanted to withdraw, and enter username and login password. Then click enter/OK button to continue. Wait for the confirmation, and then a player can enjoy chips that turn into real money.


There are many online games people can play during their leisure time. Most of these online games can give people a profit or income. QQ game is one of the online games that can offer their players a good amount of prizes. At the same time, this game can enhance the calculation skills of someone and can easily win this kind of game.