Few details about The commonly Played Lottery game

Lotto is a game where you have to pick six digit numbers. In some lotteries you might be asked to choose five or more digit numbers. While some also can opt for automatically generated numbers, which is also known as lucky dip. The numbers once chosen cannot be replaced. And after matching the five numbers, the players have to play further for Bonus Ball. The good part of Lotto is that you get to win the prizes even if you three digits match the drawn numbers, so in a way your chances of winning are higher in lotto. You get further prizes if your number matches more than three digits and it goes so on. For the jackpot amount your number must match all six digits of drawn number but again this happens once in a million. In case there is no claim for the jackpot round then the prize amount is carried forwarded to the next huay หวย draw, also known as rollover, though the role over is only limited to three consecutive times. If there are more people have more matches for four to six balls then the prize is distributed equally among the winners whose numbers matched the drawn numbers.

Various ways to enjoy playing this lottery game

Today with help of technology, we get better options to play lotto through various ways. One is through the text, where players are allowed to play after having their numbers registered. But not all lottery services have text facility for หวย ข่าวสด games. The text method has been recently been introduced in lottery system. Another way to play lotto these days is through internet. Lottery games are not easily available online. Depending upon the lottery service website, you might be required to register yourself, and then you can play lotto online. Online method has two ways, which includes direct debit where players have to sign up and register the bank account details and the saved numbers for lotto would be registered. If the player has won that is when the lotto numbers are drawn then the winning player would be notified through email by the next day. Another way to play online is through loaded account, where players’ accounts are loaded with fund which can be played as required. Here the winning player is notified and the winning amount is transferred to his account. Having varied ways to play with, it has become easier to play lotto these days.