Reasons For Playing

Gambling is a natural instinct of man. From time immemorial, gambling has not only provided release of pent up mental energy, but also helped the players achieve a certain degree of fulfillment and serenity. Paleolithic men gambled with marked bones in the darkness of their caves. The Chinese first recorded gambling activities in 2300 B.C. The Great Battle of Kurukshetra in the Indian Epic “Mahabharata” happened as a result of ill will over a gambling game. Almost all the ancient civilizations practiced gambling such as the Greeks, the Romans, the Incas, the Babylonians and even the great Kwazulu chiefs of Southern Africa held gambling in the highest esteem.

Card games particularly lent themselves to high stake gambling. But gender discrimination has been the bane of gambling. Women have been represented at less than 10 % of the games in a typical Casino. But with the online revolution this bias has reduced considerably. Already over one-third of the players of online card games like Poker are women, and the number keeps growing. Women are the fastest escalating group of CEME Online players.

Winning By The Rules

It is a well known fact that live Poker is more challenging than playing online. This is because the physical contact and direct aggression of face to face Poker is missing when the player does goes online. But it is this very fact that encourages more women to join the action, when online, as they tend to shy away from direct physical contact. Daftar Poker Online is popular for beginners because of the feature of Online Bookie Gambling. The First rule is that a selection has to be made by the player from five available betting tables ranging from smallest to the VIP table.

The Second important rule is that the game must have a dealer, who may be chosen from among the players who have joined at the betting table. Two to eight players will be dealt two cards each by turn. The total points of each player will be compared to the cards held by the Dealer. If the total is higher than the Dealer’s, then the Player wins the bet. A balance value means the Bookie wins. Since these games are available on Android mobiles as well as i-Phones and Windows, and since the marked preference by women players, this form of gambling has swept the world of online gambling.